Niagara Falls: Falls in Fall

I have walked all parts of Niagara Falls. I have walked in many different seasons. My eyes have seen the beauty in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Yet, no visit was ever like this.

We spent hours on this sunny Fall day discovering Niagara Falls. I didn’t want to miss a thing.

Starting at Three Sisters Islands, we began our journey in the falls. I feel that I often neglect Three Sisters Islands. Quite frankly, I don’t remember the last time that I have been over to this part of Niagara Falls or if I have ever. It may not be the massive falls that have brought Niagara Falls infamy. However, it is a beautiful and scenic park. Here we enjoyed the small waterfalls and serenity.

I found a giant bolder off the path that I decided to climb. Sometimes you need to break the rules to see the world in a new light. I was closer to the rapid water than I was suppose to be and it was extremely thrilling.


We then took the lower pathway towards Horseshoe Falls. This is named because it is shaped like a horse shoe. The mist sprayed from the falls, chilling us to the bone. I got some hot apple cider to keep me warm for the rest of my journey.


Hot apple cider in hand, the perfect fall beverage, we make our decent to Luna Island. We took the scenic walkway there. The fall foliage was coming in, making this all the more beautiful.

One we have made our way to Luna Island, we get a close up of the American Falls. Here I feel that I am on top of the falls.

As we leave, we no longer see the falls. Yet, we hear the powerful roar of water rushing.


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