Jamestown: I love Lucy, boats and beer


A weekend in Jamestown, New York never felt so right. It always seems that when I travel to Jamestown, I am there for the Lucy festival. Not that we took part in any of the festivities, yet my friends and I laugh so much that it is as if we are Lucy and Ethel.


The first night we arrived we went out to taco hut for the best burritos you will ever have the opportunity to eat. Bean and cheese topped with meat sauce and drenched in a spicy hot sauce. It was so good. As we entered the restaurant we saw two woman skate out in 50s gear, clearly dressed up for the festival.

Then we made our way to the southern tier brewery, for a little taste if some craft beer. This was my first time ever going to a brewery so it was a fun experience. I got a pumpking beer, which was a sweet and delectable treat.

The next day we were up for a day on the boat on Chautauqua lake. I’ve been on boats but I’ve never had a boating experience like this. We set off into the lake and the girls and I climbed to the top of the vessel to get a good view. The sun on our backs and the wind on our face felt so relaxing.

Once we got further into the lake, we anchored the boat. We geared up in life jackets and jumped into the water. With the life jackets we were able to stay afloat in the water for hours on end. We multitask-ed and drank beer and ate chicken wings and pizza while ‘swimming’. It was very western NY of us. It was the perfect way to spend a day.



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