Hamlin Beach: Labor Day

I’ve only been to Hamlin Beach a few times. Yet, this is my first time going when the beach was technically open. Whenever I’ve gone before it was apparently after labor day, when the air starts getting cooler. In Western New York you only have a small window of beach weather, so once Fall hits Hamlin Beach is dead. It was serene the last time I went. There was no one in the water and not a car to be seen. There was a chill to the air and the scene was slightly dreary. Yet, at this time of the year you get the feeling that you have the beach all to yourself.

Hamlin Beach (Fall)

Hamlin Beach (Fall)

In the Summer, the beach has a far different feeling. There was a mass amount of people, especially because it was a holiday. For a lake beach, Hamlin is actually pretty nice. The sand was rocky, but it was still sand. When you entered into the water, you had to go past a seaweed monster before hitting the sand again. I don’t know if it was sand or clay, but the ‘sand’ was gooey and mushy under our feet. I couldn’t tell if I loved it or hated it. It was a strange sensation. While laying out tanning on the sand, we heard the announcement from the lifeguards that the beach would be closing in 30 minutes for the rest of the summer. It seemed that we got to the beach at the perfect time to enjoy the last bit of summer. The day was perfect, until the very end when a seagull decided my back would be a great location to poop on.

It’s funny how different one place can be depending on the season.

Hamlin Beach (Summer)

Hamlin Beach (Summer)



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